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Changing the rules, MAKING HISTORY


THE BEST crypto club project. learn and earn money

Askur’s temple was born with a clear objective: to create a private community where you can EARN MONEY, LEARN AND HAVE FUN without having to do anything more than to be in possession of one of the nft to access the temple and keep it. Askur has arrived to become the best crypto club project. Learn and earn money just by joining as a temple member.




Through the company REVOLC, Askur will invest in assets and products. The ultimate goal of the investments is to purchase real estate assets such as commercial spaces to convert them into housing and sell them.

Of each operation carried out by REVOLC, 30% of the profits obtained will be distributed among the holders, turning each Askur NFT into a valuable asset that gives you dividends just for owning it. The more NFTs you own, the more dividends you will receive.

To ensure that each NFT is truly valuable, we will have a supply of only 400 NFTs.

We will hold raffles for all our members of prizes in stablecoin, NFTs, etc.

Holders with 6 or more Askur NFTs will have access to the superior raffles where they will receive the best prizes.


At Askur, we place great importance on our members being able to learn about everything related to economics. Therefore, we have created a library worthy of a temple.

The library will be organized into four main sections:

  1. Trading: Here you will find books on the dynamics of financial markets and how to operate within them.
  2. Cryptocurrencies: Here you will find books to perfectly understand what blockchain technology is and everything related to the crypto world.
  3. Economics: Here you will find books to learn how this science works: the processes of extraction, production, exchange, distribution, and consumption of goods and services.
  4. Economic psychology: Here you will find books to understand the importance of thinking and behavior of both the individual and social groups within the economy.

The library will always be updated with new content and member requests will be prioritized.


As lovers of fantasy worlds, we will have our own lore at Askur. Holders will have access to the first novel written by Askur. We will create an entire universe in which you can immerse yourself through reading and other dynamics to make Askur an entertaining project.


Within our social welfare framework, and thanks to the agreement with the Restaurando Futuro foundation, we help Colombian youth at risk of exclusion through digital creation and blockchain.

Stay informed. Soon you will be able to acquire one of our NFTs and you will be able to be a member of our private community and enjoy all the advantages of the best crypto club.

If you have any questions, you can contact us through our email or our contact form.