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What is an NFT

what makes the difference

We all wonder what is an NFT and what is it for, and NFT or non-fungible token is a digital certificate that through the blockchain chain that is the same used for cryptocurrencies is associated with the ownership of a digital file.

Within the NFT we can find different categories such as drawings, skins for example like those of Fortnite, music, and gif, that is to say, an infinity of digital objects that we could think of.

If what we want is that the NFT help us to get funding for our projects whether they are game art or what happens to us digitally really will be a good option because we will give the user a small part of us and they will feel much more identified with our project and if not look at Fornite, Roblox or Minecraft best sellers in the gaming world.

Polygon network - What is an NFT? examples of best-selling nFTs

examples of best-selling nft

CryptoPunks, Larva Labs

CryptoPunks from Larva Labs. That collection was released in 2017 to Ethereum users and 10,000 punks were released for free which caused a huge furor among users and since then the value of these NFTs has skyrocketed in a beastly way.

CryptoPunks - What is an NFT? examples of best-selling nFTs

Axie Infinity, Sky Mavis

Axie Infinity, Sky Mavis, broke records as the first dApp to surpass $2 billion in NFT transaction volume this year, according to a Q3 industry report from DappRadar. Axie is just behind CryptoPunks in trading volume. The game recently moved to the Ronin sidechain solution and generated more than $776 million in revenue in the third quarter this fourth quarter is set to have upward growth.

But an NFT is not only a collectible. In Askur’s temple, you will be able to acquire NFT that, besides being a digital artwork like the ones shown in the previous paragraphs, offers a multitude of advantages. The main one, although not the only one, is the participation in raffles every two weeks in which you will be able to obtain up to 15,000 dollars in prizes.

So, what is an NFT? for us, much more than a digital picture.

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